Gideon Masters


Gideon is a magician of noticeable power who owns and manages the Harvard Long Apartment complex in one of so many once-nice areas of the sprawl. He has numerous magical items at his disposal – including several foci – and is in the habit of keeping the services of at least two Earth Elementals and a host of Watchers at his beck and call.

While his tenth-floor suite boasts an impressive library and many of the finer things in life, the floors below display only a faint glimmer of their former opulence. Once a fine hotel, time has worn away at the establishment just as it has corroded the surrounding area, if somewhat more slowly. But as the inherited building is his charge, so are its residents Gideon’s responsibility. He feels honor-bound to protect them—excepting, of course, when such degenerates as the Mohawk Gangers threaten the safety of other tenets. Armored knights of old are characteristic in the iconography of many of his spells, and could easily symbolize his sense noblesse oblige, or perhaps just a stubborn disdain for the passage of time in a rapidly-changing world.

Apparently a paraplegic for much of his adult life, Gideon is spends most of his day in a hovering wheelchair. While the chair is probably an expensive machine, magical skill such as his goes much farther to lessening the inconvenience of a mere physical handicap. Gideon appears to regard his disability in much the same way as he looks upon the outside world—taking it all in stride, if you’ll forgive the inconvenient pun.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t take kindly to being called “you fucking cripple”.

Gideon Masters

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